Shape Recognition

This project was achived during school year 2015-2016 with students of Tle S, ISN specialty. It is an industrial prototype of a form recognition system  and sorting line. It involves several Arduino and PC communicating each other. The recognition is carried by the inertia matrices methode applied  on an image of the part (picture produced by a video camera UCAM),. The final sorting is performed by a 4 axis robot (realized by using servo motors). The PC is used to supervise the proces. The project uses most of the libraries which you will find on this site in the Download folder.

Voice Synthesis Of Numbers

This project was conducted in 2016-2017 to test the amazing capabilities of the sparkfiunk wavtrigger card. on an other hand, it allowed me to study the French grammar with it's multiples exeptions about how to read numbers. The aim  of the application is to enter a decimal number using an analog 12 keys keyboard (vkey from sparkfunk) and to restore this number in a vocal manner in accordance with the rules of Mr. Jean Baptiste Poquelin named Moliere and his descendants Of the French Academy. Besides a functional program, you will find in the doc (s) of this project a detailed study of this headache of french langage. The librairies used on this project, could be found on the Download folder of the site.

Virtual Dashboard For Condor Glider Simulator

Project carried out in 2018-2019 as part of the STI2D ISN section projects. Its purpose is to get the flight data sent by the condor software through an UDP transmission, then to create a virtual dashboard on an android tablet in order to install it in the simulator's cockpit. This project is written in java using IDE processing V3.xx. It uses many interactive graphic objects. Its development under java PC has been "adapted" so that it can be switched to android's java without substantial modification.