Drivers de Communication

If you are reading these lines, you are certainly desperate because you are unable to make your computer communicate with your last internet purchase : a compatible (x)uino board from China. The (x)uino boards have, for the most, two distinct groups of circuits : the microcontroller  and the USB / Serial adapter. It's is on theeses we are pesting in these lines. There are several circuit families and, the  Arduino distribution (Arduino IDE) does not offer all the drivers of these exotic circuits. You will find below the drivers of different families of communication circuits

Ftdi drivers

The most frequent familly. Normaly included with arduino's IDE.  But who knows !!

Prolific  PL 2303 Drivers

An alternative sometimes used in "exotic" boards and in some GPS antennas. 

CH340/341 drivers

Usualy used with Chines compatibles  (x)uino  boards. Certainely because this chip is less expensive than ftdi's ones.

Micro-Chip 2200 Driver

As far as I know,  no industrial (x)uino boards where equipped with this chip. Nothing prevents a friend  (electronic engineer) to design a board with this converter.