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Using Arduino modules in technological training of High Altitude school (as well as in secondary schools around), led to develop libraries to simplify the work of students. These libraries allow you to solve more attactive problems for students. On the download tab, you will find these free libraries.
After C++ comes his cousin : Java. Since a few months, we have been developing some projects using the java IDE: Processing.
When developing a project, it is always necessary to modify / add features to the standard libraries. You will find them as well as examples in the download tab under the Processing tab.

As the old demons never die, I worked again on the "mechanical" aspect of the design. You will find in the Download -> Mechanics section various software for calculating mechanical systems (for the moment only one is called POUTRE).

Cordier Yves
Director of technical training at Altitude High School from 1999 to 2021. Retired (actuve) since September 2021. 

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What's new :

25 June 2024
- New article on magnetic sensors and the construction of an electronic compass.
02 May 2024
- Actualisation of article "Define Const Static ..."
29 April 2024
- The Poutre software is able to speak Greek (V1.16)
02 February 2024
- New version (V1.7) of  FastInOut librarie (STM32Fxxx microcontroler's familly added).
28 January 2024
- Beam version 1.15 is now online (added a polish language)
27 January 2024
- Beam version 1.14 is now online (added a display configuration file and minors bugs removed).
19 January 2024
-Add ST microelectronics driver
17 January 2024
-Beam version 1.13 released (can be called with arguments es POUTRE FULL or POUTRE SIZE 1000 700)
  to overcome bugs in window resizing on W7 and some PCs
22 December 2023
-Correction to FastInOut to accept large number of pin on ESP32 >32
21 December 2023
-Added ESP32 processors in FastInOut librarie (V1.5)
04 october 2023
-Poutre software corrected (icon display problem) and Dutch added (version 1.12)
07 june 2023
-In response to wish of users, checkboxes where implemented in poutre software = V1.11
02 of july 2023
-Correction of a (minor) bug in the beam software's study characteristics dialog box. Updated to version 1.10
28 of june 2023
-Correction of a display bug(of bug !) on "poutre"software. Updated to version 1.09.
20 of june 2023
-Correction of a display bug on "poutre"software. Updated to version 1.08.
04 of June 2023
-Update "poutre" software profile's values in order to match OTUA figures
03 of June 2023
-Update to V1.07 Poutre software
21 of april 2023
-Add link to toWeb site générator software
08 of april 2023
-Add link to Processing's IDE
07 of april 2023
-Update to 1.06 of poutre software
29 of march 2023
-Update to 1.05 of poutre software
28 of march 2023
-Adding MatrixLib library
-Minor corrections on the general article about matrix
23 of march 2023
- Minor corrections and additions to this same article
20 of march 2023
- Add of an article about matrix
03 of march 2023
- Update to V1.04 of poutre software
02 of march  2023
- Update to V1.03 of Poutre software
- Minor correction (typo) in the article "Nombre Base Et Représentation Informatique Binaire"
20 of february 2023
- Update to V1.03 of Poutre software
05 of february 2023
- Update to V1.02 of Poutre software
03 of february 2023
- Addition of a link to zadig software in drivers section
02 of february 2023
- Addition of a "mechanical" section in the downloads with the "beam" software V1.01
- Addition of an article about the transfer matrix method and homogeneous matrices
08 of september 2022
- Addition of an article about mailings in Word.
03 of september 2022
- Cleaned version of inifile V2.11
30 of june 2022
- New version of inifile much more rigid and convinient V2.1
23 of June 2022
- SerialDisplay version 2.4 (minor fixes and formatting for arduino IDE 2.0)
- New version of UnoArdusim (link)
28 of November 2021
- Add a collection of classes corresponding to graphical dialog boxes to allow the dialog with the operator
27 of November 2021
- Improvement of the translation "La transformée de fourier dans tous ses états" (the fourier transform in all its states).
- Correction of the professional identity of the author
30th of march 2021
- Correction of a bug on Ultrasonic librarie, Checking it with Hc SR05 modules.
27th of February 2021
- Adding a driver for prolific 2303 USB to Serial adapter
25th  of February 2021
- Minor correction plus adding a section in article about Fourier trnsform adaptinx exemple to Xiao board.
31th of january 2021
- Substantive modification of the Caliper library (error handling ... )
- Adding a special class for Shahe digital rulers
- Modification of the FastInOut library made compatible with SAMD 21 (XIAO, Arduino Zero ...)
23th of december 2020
Merry Christmas ! 
- Addition of an isActiv method to the Caliper library
12th of december 2020
- Adding Caliper librarie in order to interface cheap "chinese" calipers
- Adding an english version of the Fourier Transform article
08th of december 2020
- Minor modifications of FastInOut library
26th of november 2020
- Adding an article on Fourier Transform
28th of july 2020
- The library Codeur now uses the impovement of FastInOut library => Increase of capabilities
07th of july 2020
- The FastInOut library is now NRF5 (microbit) compatible
05th of july 2020
- Added article about sliding average (moyenne mobiles et moyennes glissantes)
04th of july 2020
- Improved FastInOut library (added changeMode method to simplify the use of "bidirectional" pins)
16th of june 2020
- Restoring broken links for external sites : LARP, technologie au college Vauban and 7ZIP
1st of June 2020
- Added features to the SSIEncoder library to handle electronic TR encoders (V1.3 on download->arduino)
29th of May 2020
-  SSIEncoder library optimisation  (V1.2 on  download->arduino)
26th of May 2020
- Improved SSIEncoder library, minor debugging, added documentation (oscillograms) (V1.1 on  download->arduino)
18th of May 2020
- I2C_EEPROM library speed up (V1.2 on  download->arduino)
12th of  May 2020
- Fix a nasty bug of the library DS1307 and adding examples and documentation
11th of  May 2020
- Add a library to drive the real time clock chip DS1307
18th of April 2020
- Addition in the "various courses articles" section of the article Compilez Compilez il en restera toujours quelque chose (A study on a
  compiler of simple mathematical expressions).
- Minor bug corrected in keywordds.txt of MemoyUsage library
7th of April 2020
- Adding a  memory inspection library in the download area : MemoryUsage 
  This library will help you to understand more about the memory structure managed by the compiler. 
  It can also help you diagnose why a "crash" due to a memory collision occurs.
  (Warning, expert user level!) 
- Adding an article "Management Of The Dynamic Memory Of The Microcontrollers By The Compilers" which deals with the above subject.
4thof April 2020 :
- A pernicious bug when using  0x00 as a comment character in DataFile, eliminated in V2.11 (download-> arduino) 
- Add scientific writing in SerialDisplay in V2.3 (download-> arduino) 
- Add LiquidCrystal_I2C library debugged for 20x4 displays (download-> arduino)
25th of March 2020 :
- Typography correction of DataFile library according camelBack style.  V2.10 (download->arduino)
   The library is more compliant with char[] and String datas
- Improvement of I2C_EEPROM .  V1.1  (download->arduino):
       Added features (update) to save EEPROM writing cycles
       The library has been made more compliant to char[] and String data structure
23th 0f March 2020 :
- Minor Bug fixed on DataFile library V2.01  (download->arduino)
- Add scintific printing mode on SerialDisplay library V2.3 (download->arduino)
21th of March 2020 : 
- A new library to manage external EEprom I2C memories I2C_EEPROM V1.0 (download->arduino)
- An improved and enriched DataFile library V2.0 (download->arduino)
- A new version of Unoardusim V2.71 (Links)
- Minor corrections in article "Petite Balade A La Frontiere Des Mathematiques Et Du Numerique" (Miscalanous)